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I’m telling you the secrets (even showing you my tax statements) on how I grew a six figure business from a preschool refund in just one year. I’ll also reveal my blueprint for starting and growing your own kitchen garden business and finally creating a business in keeping with your passion to not just make money but really make a difference. This class will inspire you to stop stalking entrepreneurs on the internet and start telling your own amazing story that changes the world for the better.

If you enjoy gardening, have interest in the health and wellness space, and dream of starting a company of your own, then you probably already know that there’s exploding opportunity in the Garden Coach industry.

You see the upward trend and interest in the local and sustainable food movement, the attention increasingly placed on wellness, and the internet’s general obsession with gorgeous photos of just harvested fruits and veggies.

You know you’re part of this movement and you’re secretly wanting to jump in and claim your stake in this growing industry, make money from your unique knowledge and experience gardening in your local scene, and also know that your work matters and makes a positive difference.

But here’s what you might not know:

The garden industry isn’t just for university educated professionals.

There’s room in here for all of us. And gardening, just like fitness, design, and cooking is an industry that’s an art as much as it is a science. While some aspects of the garden industry require certifications, there’s a huge gap in the middle of the industry that you can fill because of your knowledge and experience. Truth be told, you likely have way more field experience than many university educated horticulturists. And there’s a whole community of people wanting to learn from YOU.  

Garden Coaching is THE best way to enter this industry, make a huge difference, and make a significant income.

While landscape companies are a dime a dozen, relatable and inspiring garden coaches are hard to find (at least at the moment). It’s obvious the garden industry is booming as more and more products come into the space everyday. But, the missing piece is knowledge, experience, and inspiration. In other words, equipment and supplies can only get your neighbors and city growing so far. What your community actually needs is not another garden business but a GARDEN COACH (YOU!)

If you have knowledge and experience growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your particular climate and location and you enjoy sharing that knowledge and experience with others, YOU already have all the qualifications you need to become a GARDEN COACH.

More than anything, coaching is about sharing your experiences and using your knowledge to create plans and solutions for your clients as they begin their own journey into gardening. Garden coaching is THE MOST PROFITABLE way to start a new business in the growing Health and Wellness Industry. And it’s the one area of this industry that isn’t overcrowded and noisy, at least, not yet.


Even though the reasons to start a Garden Coach Business are a no-brainer, the process involved in creating and marketing one is anything but.

Start a Garden Business? Yep!

But where in the world do I start?

Maybe you’ve had this conversation with yourself plenty of times before. And in your most courageous moment, you’ve made the commitment to start.

You’ve written down your ideas, started doodling your logo, gotten a little daydreamy about plant shopping on someone else’s dime, and maybe even googled ‘how to register a garden business.’

If you’re an overachiever, perhaps you even reserved your business name url, grabbed the Instagram handle, and started planning out your first coaching sessions.

But even with these great first steps, many would-be Garden Coaches end up stalling out on their startup, still waiting for that perfect moment, and yet continuing to see new Garden Businesses popping up on Instagram every month.


Here’s why most would-be Garden Coaches never get started:

Without a clear roadmap and step-by-step plan, most would-be Garden Coaches just get lost. They’re gardeners after all, not business school grads.

They get stuck on the technical hang ups like business registration, the general business plan for turning a profit, and feeling like it’s just too much.

They feel intimidated and think they need more education, more experience, and more connections before they can start.

Here’s why this is a bummer:

The Garden Coach Industry is wide open at the moment. There’s never been a better time to start working in this field. But things are changing quickly and stalling for years or even months could mean the loss of a huge opportunity.

While experienced gardeners ponder whether or not they should just start this business already, their clients are spending their money somewhere else: trying to learn from a gardener 1000s of miles away, buying plants and synthetic products at the big box stores, or investing in traditional landscapers that don’t offer them anything more than sod, a few bushes, and a box with four vegetable plants inside.

Which means…

Even if you’re already feeling behind, there’s still an amazing opportunity for you to jump in, launch your garden coach business, and claim your spot in this ‘good for the world’ industry.


5 Reasons Most Garden Coach Businesses Won’t Be Successful

REASON 1: They Lack a Product and Profit Plan

Knowing how to garden is one thing. Knowing how to develop a products within the Garden Coach Industry is another thing all together.

If you’re afraid to start your Garden Coach business because you’re not sure how to structure it, what to offer your client, and how to turn a profit, you’re not alone. You can easily end up working like crazy but ending up with less in your bank account than you had to start. Even though gardeners know how to make things grow, growing a business bank account can feel more impossible than getting that picture perfect watermelon at the end of the summer.

REASON 2: They Don’t Position Themselves as the Expert

When you feel intimidated or unsure, it’s not just you that can sense the insecurity. Your clients and your audience do as well.

We all deal with self doubt and when starting and growing a business of our own, there may be no other instance when insecurities creep in more powerfully. But to flourish as a Garden Coach, you’re going to need to show up as your best courageous self, every day. You've got to give your audience and your clients confidence that you know best what to grow and how to grow in their kitchen garden.

It’s time for you to see yourself as the expert that you truly are so that your clients trust you, rely on you and ultimately pay you for your expert knowledge and experience.

REASON 3: They Forget Marketing

In the Garden Coach’s attempt to save the planet, we can forget that the planet loves commercials, jingles, and catchy taglines. You may very well be the expert on tomato growing in your area (I’m sure you are) but without a good plan to get your name, your business, and your awesome work out to your community (without spending loads on advertising) your Garden Coach business may remain your town’s best kept secret.

It’s true. Our expertise is in gardening, not marketing. But, as the experts say, we are all marketers. And the Garden Coach business without a marketing plan is soon to be a closed Garden Coach Business.

REASON 4: They’re Convinced it Won’t Work

There’s no such thing as a pessimistic gardener and there’s also no such thing as a pessimistic Garden Coach. Like they say on the court: You Gotta Believe.

‘This won’t work in my climate.’

‘This won’t work at this price point.’

‘This won’t work in this culture.’

The Garden Coaches who can only see the barriers to their company’s success in a particular spot are the ones who are stuck gardening in their own backyard. Kitchen gardens belong in every stage of life from preschool to nursing home and in every aspect of life from churches to schools to office parks to playgrounds. There are thousands of places just waiting for kitchen gardens and Garden Coaches to run them. But the pessimistic gardeners won’t be the ones getting paid to do it.

REASON 5: They’re Not Connected

Building a garden alone is tough. Building a Garden Coach Business alone is even tougher. Connections are everything in this industry. You need connections to established Garden Coaches, to providers in your area, to industry gatekeepers and more.

The Garden Coaches that are growing their business all alone are often the ones you hear about for a while and then eventually: crickets. (Crickets in the garden is never a good sound, right?)

Everything is more fun and anything is more possible with friends and connections. Building a Garden Coach business requires a community of mentoring, support, and resourcing.


But after creating my own successful Garden Coach Business, I know it doesn’t have to be this way. Which is why I created the






is the only program of its kind that:

1. gives you a product and profit plan that you can implement right awaY


2. gives you expert certification by a recognized leader in the industry







I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from building a six figure kitchen garden business from scratch and built it into this comprehensive, step by step implementation program that not only teaches you the plan to create a profitable business but also gives you the community and platform to make it possible.


Yes, you will learn the the step by step to setting up, marketing, and building your own Garden Coach Business but you’ll also be connected to the Gardenary platform.

The end result?

An incredibly profitable lifestyle business that you can run from your own garden, on your own schedule and create lasting good and change in your own community.


Kitchen Garden Coach Society turns your garden passion into a profitable business that does good for your city



Setting up a business from scratch is no small feat. And finding clients isn’t a small task either. Learn the step by step for both as you start Kitchen Garden Coach Society.



The key product you’re selling is your garden knowledge and expertise. Learn how to share that with clients and guide them in their own gardening journey. And make a profit while doing so.

Lori 1.JPG


The relationship with your client has just begun with a coaching session. Learn how to keep clients for life and serve them and their garden season after season

30% are Set Up in 1 Month

In a recent survey of Kitchen Garden Coach Society Members, more than 30% started their business within the first month of joining the Society. More than 50% started within 3 months.

Join the Kitchen Garden Coach Society

You’ll be able to pay yourself back with just a few consults, workshops, or garden installations. And did we mention it’s a tax deductible expense?


Getting Started Series

Take the guesswork out of setting up your business and all its necessities. This module walks you step-by-step through the process and gets you started in the simplest and least expensive way-just as Nicole did with Rooted Garden.

In six videos, you’ll learn to register your business, secure the necessary ownership pieces, stay legal, and finance and insure your business. We’ll even talk managing your business finances as you grow your business in this module. It’s like a small business course but summarized and simplified just for you and your kitchen garden business.


I was really impressed by the quality of the Society, and the lessons taught me things I didn’t realize I needed to know, rather than just answering the questions I did have.
— Jeanette, Rohnert Park, CA

Today’s your day! Join us in inside the Kitchen Garden Coach Society

WHILE I was signing up for the course today I booked my first consult! This section was exactly what I needed to know before I have the consult next week.
— Carey Powell, California

Profitable Marketing without Paying For It

Without clients, you don’t have a business. But marketing can be too expensive for a small startup like yours. Learn how Rooted Garden grew quickly and profitably without spending a penny on advertising. Nicole shares her tried and true methods that can work for you and your business too. This is a must watch module for anyone seeking to grow a business in this new world of social media, permission marketing, and expanding small business opportunity.



Learn all the facets of designing gardens for clients

Growing your own vegetable garden is one thing but designing and planning gardens for dozens of clients in your town is quite another. Learn the different components and the methods Rooted Garden uses to install beautiful and productive gardens for your own clients.



Ready to start designing gardens for clients in your city? Let’s go!

Get all the important details on installing gardens for clients

The garden installation process can be thrilling and scary. Trust me, I’ve stayed up plenty of nights before an install wondering if it would all work out okay. Skip the sleepless nights and learn the step by step to ensuring your installs go smoothly and your clients are so satisfied, they tell their neighbors and friends about you.  


Regular garden maintenance and ongoing coaching is the heart of your business

The vegetable garden creates a dynamic experience for you and your clients. So, regular garden maintenance is a vital aspect of your growing Garden Coach business. Let me teach you how we built our own ongoing coaching and maintenance service and what you’ll need to ensure your success.


tending copy.jpg

Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden Business

Learn the step by step of building your own kitchen garden business through six complete online video modules

Membership Includes:

  • Instant Access to Six Modules of Personal Garden Coach Business Coaching from Nicole Burke, Owner of Rooted Garden & Gardenary (More than 5 Hours of Teaching)

  • Exclusive LIVE Kitchen Garden Design & Essentials Workshop with Nicole Burke in October

  • Membership Inside a Private Community filled with more than 85 Active Garden Coaches (And a Catalog of A Year of LIVE sessions to watch immediately)

  • Monthly LIVE Mentor Meetings with Nicole Burke that include a Q & A for all your questions

  • Certification as a Member of the Gardenary Circle upon Completion of the Course

  • 18 months of free listing in the Gardenary Directory

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to be mentored by a self-made expert in the Kitchen Garden field


I took $450 and turned it into a business that’s grossed more than half a million dollars in just three years. I’ve built my online following from 0 to nearly 75,000 and created a name for myself in both my own city and nationwide.

I’ve trained two consultants to replace me, found and kept valuable staff, and built a strong catalog of clients without paying for advertising.

I’m not trying to brag (not too much, anyway) but I know a thing or two (or twenty) about building a business from the ground up. And my vision is to make it possible for you to do so as well. I’m your mentor inside the Kitchen Garden Coach Society, teaching you personally in each video, and available monthly to provide new challenges for you and answer your questions.

Everyone needs a mentor and I couldn’t have gotten this far in my business without Nicole.
— Crystal, Lettuce Grow Something, Pflugerville, TX
Thanks for all your useful information Nicole! I did this course somewhat backwards and started my business in the spring and summer, and focused on the course in the fall and winter. I actually found this quite useful because the topics you were covering were relevant to things I had already been doing. The course was very informative and laid out in a nice and organized way....I have already recommended this course to fellow gardening friends of mine who share the same vision of creating a business out of their passion. Thanks again.
— Brandi Bechard, Canada

Sign up closes on September 28th! Join us and start learning inside the Kitchen Garden Coach Society today


We’ve removed the hardest part from growing your business-going it alone

Starting a business can be a scary endeavor. And pushing through challenging moments can feel lonely. That’s why I didn’t just create just a Course but instead built a Society. (I was tired of building a business alone too!)

The answer to the question that’s stumping you, the pat on the back, and the push you need is waiting for you inside this group of gardeners. You’ll feel constantly encouraged and enthused inside the Society-just ask our members.

Our monthly Q & A sessions push you forward as I provide answers for your questions and provide a monthly challenge for you to keep growing your business. Insights, ideas, and help from other Garden Coaches who are building their businesses alongside you will guarantee your success. Even though you’re growing your own business, you’ll never feel alone inside the Society.


Nicole, you are so inspiring! I have been searching for the right solopreneur passion to get me excited about getting back to work now that my kids are little older. I have found my tribe and I am so grateful. Thank you!
— Brooke Ehlert, Little Seed Big Spoon, Oregon

Kitchen Garden Coach Society answers your questions:

  1. discover how to form and set up your business for long term success

  2. Properly develop your products the first time around and learn how to maintain an enduring business

  3. Have the tools, knowledge, and plan to successfully market your business without paying for ads

  4. know what’s necessary to give the most comprehensive garden consults that get your clients real growing results

  5. Know how to professionally install raised garden beds without doing the work yourself

  6. Feel confident as you offer long-term maintenance plans to serve your clients for years to come

Thank you Nicole for all of your wisdom and experience. It has been such an incredible resource as I seek to grow this little business and encourage people in my town to get back to gardening!
— Courtney Johson, The Kitchen Garten

Answers to Your Questions!

We hear you! Taking the leap and starting your business is no small feat. Here’s our answers to the most commonly asked questions.



Your key product is garden coaching and there’s no degree necessary.  You may run into an occasional project where you’ll need a licensed architect to sign off, but generally, your work is specialized in the vegetable garden and doesn’t require a specific license or degree.  

how long am i member?

For life!  You’ll have access to the Society, the monthly Q & A, and the community for life and you get an entire year in the Gardenary Circle for FREE once you’re set up and growing.  


will i do all the work myself?

No way!  Nicole will teach you how to hire subcontractors and manage a team that will do the heavy lifting while you provide the coaching and client contact.  

will this work in a cold climate?

Just ask the dozens of coaches from the northern area of the U.S. or the many garden coach companies running in spots like Washington State, Chicago, and Boston.  You’ll do the majority of your installation and maintenance work in spring and summer but you can coach and consult year-round, especially with seasonal workshops.


Got more questions about Kitchen Garden Coach Society? Ask away!

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